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Re: cdimage of debian2.2r2

On Fri, 8 Dec 2000, J.A. Bezemer wrote:

> > ps: do you plan to release netinstcd with a newer kernel? :)
> Christoph Lameter has done some very nice work to produce CreditCard-size CD
> images automatically, available at http://openrock.net/tb/iso/. I don't know
> what kernel/boot-floppies version they use though. 

I will get the stuff to work under 2.2r2 as soon as it arrives on my

> Christoph: what I would like very much is an even smaller image without any
> packages at all. (This is intended for the growing number of people with CD
> burner and fast net connection, to have a very easy install path booting from
> the CD and fetching everything else from the net. The base2_2.tgz should be on
> that small CD too.) Any chance you can produce a current-potato thing like
> that with your adjusted scripts?

What you want is available from LinuxCare. Linux Business Card or
something like that.

The TelemetryBox distribution allows for a fully featured install using a
Business card. Not only the base system but also apache, mysql, php etc

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