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Re: cdimage of debian2.2r2

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000, Attila Nagy wrote:

> ps: do you plan to release netinstcd with a newer kernel? :)

Christoph Lameter has done some very nice work to produce CreditCard-size CD
images automatically, available at http://openrock.net/tb/iso/. I don't know
what kernel/boot-floppies version they use though. 

Christoph: what I would like very much is an even smaller image without any
packages at all. (This is intended for the growing number of people with CD
burner and fast net connection, to have a very easy install path booting from
the CD and fetching everything else from the net. The base2_2.tgz should be on
that small CD too.) Any chance you can produce a current-potato thing like
that with your adjusted scripts?

  Anne Bezemer

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