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Re: Downloading and building iso image of Debian Linux

On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 09:48:01AM -0600, Robert Guthrie wrote:
> ... This can be done, but the most reliable way it to make rescue and boot 
> floppies, then, on a local disk (maybe a separate partition), you need the 11 
> or 12 base floppy images that can be used directly from the hard drive.  With 
> all of those images, and perhaps the right directory tree, then you can do a 
> network install.  I've not seen the documentation on doing that, but was able 
> to do it from my home mirror for installing to my dual-boot windows machines.
I am quite sure you do not need the base floppies or base.tgz on your local
file system. Just yesterday I made a test install on m68k and by mistake
told it install the base via nfs, it was not there, since I had just built
it on the m68k machine. If it had been on the nfs server, it would have
installed the base system via NFS. 

Now I don't know where _you_ would find an NFS server for debian files, but
my point was that you need to download only very little (ie not the complete
CD images) if you can install via the network.


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