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Re: Downloading and building iso image of Debian Linux

On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 12:19:23AM -0800, John Horak wrote:

> Those two utilities are perhaps the best examples why Linux is, after all the years, still only a tiny shadow of Windows OS's, since they probably all by themselves  manage to drive potential Linux user promptly away and back into the Windows world.
> Maybe, like most businesses, you are trying to nudge people toward purchasing the official CD packages, but in my opinion, if you make unmistakable claim on your web site that it's free for download then it's only reasonable to assume that that's the case. But if you make it almost impossible for people to accomplish the download and iso build then it leads one to suspicions as to what your motives are.
> For whatever it's worth, I appreciate all your hard work and time, but in the end I have to conclude Pseudo-Image Kit + rsync =  crap

Let me answer that as a debian user, I am not a debian-cd developer.
As I understand the pi-kit and rsync issue, this was made to reduce the load
on the iso image mirrors. When a new version comes out, every debian user
and his neighbour goes to cdimage.debian.org and downloads the image. No
problem for you, since you have a DSL flatrate. But a problem for debian and
our sponsors, somebody on the other end has to pay the ISP bill, too.
By using the pi the load is distributed to an ftp mirror near you (and maybe
you even have a local ftp mirror). The rsync load is very low once you have
a proper image set up. If you dont have a proper image, the rsync load is
probably as high as normal ftp, if not more, but you still get a complete
And yes, I think you are right, if you are a single user, just wanting a CD
for yourself, not sharing with anybody, debian wants you to buy a CD. CD
vendors, who make/burn/sell/give away many CDs are much more traffic
Anne will probably point you to the FAQ and everything else you (should)
have read. Just an idea, Maybe you do not have enough free diskspace?
The pseudo-image+rsync method has been working very well for me, thank you.
Maybe you fell into the pre-2.2r2 gap?

Now only one question, on which server does microsoft offer its software for

Oh, btw, if you have a cheap, fast network connection, why bother at all
downloading prehistoric CD images? Get some of the base files (rescue.bin
and kernel image, modules maybe and documentation) and install the rest via
the network. That way you download only what you want to install and save
both on the bill of your ISP and debians sponsor.

PS your linelength is way too long. Something <80 is considered standard in
the free world AFAIK.


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