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Re: NON-US mirror

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, lance wrote:
> On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Ho-Kuo Chan wrote:
> > Please send me a copy of all replies to
> > this message. I have compared the
> > contents of the binary-i386-1_NONUS.list
> > files with the directory listing at
> > ftp://ftp.ca.debian.org and
> > ftp://non-us.debian.org and they do not
> > match. Hence when trying to create a
> > non-us cd image with the pseudo-image
> > kit, it fails. Am I doing something
> > wrong, or are the contents of the .list
> > file incorrect? Thanks for your help.
> I think that the list file is for 2.2r0 but the ftp mirrors have
> updated to 2.2r1
> AFAIK there are no pseudo image lists for 2.2r1 yet.

Both correct. If you want to report similar problems a next time, please say
exactly _what_ "does not match", because it can be caused by a number of

  Anne Bezemer

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