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debian-cd updates [was Re: Debian Boot CVS: aph]

On Mon, 13 Nov 2000, Debian Boot CVS Master wrote:

> CVSROOT:	/cvs/debian-boot
> Module name:	debian-cd
> Changes by:	aph	00/11/13 08:48:14

Or yours truly, really ;-)

> Modified files:
> 	.              : README 
> 	data/potato    : README.html.in apt-setup.html.in 
> 	debian         : changelog control 
> 	tools          : pi-makelist 
> Log message:
> * Updated pi-makelist, now excludes all of the sparc live filesystem.
> * Added Recommends: debianutils because pi-makelist uses tempfile(1)
> since 2.2.3; also mentioned this in the debian-cd/YACS README.
> * Some minor updates/rewordings in CD's top-level README.

Phil: I see you're already making some .iso's. You don't have to make new
.isos just to get the new READMEs on them, but if you happen to generate new
ones anyway I wouldn't mind them having the latest version.
The updated pi-makelist only affects sparc .lists; you can run it manually if

  Anne Bezemer

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