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Re: cd-images psuedo package

On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Bernd Hentig wrote:

> Hello
> >   Everyone who reads this message, please send a reply indicating that
> >   you either do or don't agree with changing the brand-new "cd-images" package
> >   name into "cdimage.debian.org", this being/becoming the package you can file
> >   bugs against concerning Debian CD images and assorted other related things.
> >   (And "I don't care" replies are also welcome ;-)
> Well, I really don't care ;-)
> What I don't understand is why you are changing the name - I don't see any
> obvious reason for this ?

The idea is that people want to use the BTS to report bugs in Official CDs. 
So a "virtual BTS package" was created for this purpose a few days ago. The
"virtual BTS package name" can be anything you like. "cd-images" was chosen
initially by a BTS manager, but I think "cdimage.debian.org" is better since
besides the images themselves it would also cover the webpages, mirror lists,
download utilities, etc. And it would match the current standard, for we
already have "ftp.debian.org" and "www.debian.org" (and cdimage.d.o bears some
resemblance to both).

  Anne Bezemer

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