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supplying the installation developers with cds

Hi, I sent out the below request to US CD vendors. 

I am wondering what other parties who are committed to the ongoing
Potato maintenance (and to hacking things so they work better) are
interested in possibly being supplied CDs as outlined below.

Remember, only debian-cd or debian-boot hackers (or maybe really
committed testers) are eligable, including porters and such.

If you are interested, please reply to me including your mailing
address, what you plan to use the CD sets for, and what your needs are
(e.g., binary i386 cds).

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

To: alpha_omega_lambda@yahoo.com, sales@cheapbytes.com, 
    quango@watervalley.net, info@edmunds-enterprises.com, 
    support@infomagic.com, info@linux-cd.com, 
    sales@linuxcentral.com,  sales@LinuxMall.com,
    sales@linuxpress.com,  info@lsl.com,  mro@ouin.com, 
cc: wichert@debian.org
Subject: supplying the installation developer with cds
Date: 15 Oct 2000 16:22:48 -0400
Message-ID: <oay9zpsvl3.fsf@arroz.fake>
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Hello.  I am emailing the list of US Debian CD vendors, according to

Would it be possible for someone to volunteer to supply certain
members of the debian-cd and boot-floppies teams with CDs?  I know
that I could use one -- I'm the one responsible for the boot-floppies
package.   I've been notified of some sub-optimal behavior installing
with official CDs, but I am unable to test it.

I shall collect the needs of others, but just guessing, I would think
what we need exactly is:

 - sets of official Debian CDs for the stable architecture, binary
   only is fine, updated as non-trivial changes are made to the
   official cds (such as new boot-floppies or Potato point releases),
   shipped to select Debian developers working on the install system
   who need this.

I don't image the total number of sets would exceed 8, i.e., one for
each of the major ports, a probably a few extra i386 sets to
boot-floppies or Debian CD hackers who don't have their own CD burning

What I would love is for a CD vendor to volunteer to do this,
remembering on their own to burn/ship to the list as new versions are
updated, over the period of the next 5 months.  At that point we can
re-negotiate (the list of hackers may have changed by then) and
perhaps rotate this burden to another vendor.

.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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