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Re: Can't md5-check 2.2_rev0/binary-i386-2.iso

On 24-Aug-2000 J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2000, Jim Westveer wrote: 
>> On 24-Aug-2000 Jim Westveer wrote:
>> > On 23-Aug-2000 Jim Westveer wrote:
>> >> 
>> >> Being myself, a fan of double negatives....does this mean
>> >> that the i386 CD#2 image HAS been patched ???
> The image on cdimage.d.o has been patched, but it usually takes several days
> for mirrors to pick up (mirroring from other mirrors etc.)

Because the errors were mentioned on DWN, we should make sure
that joey knows knows of the changes.

>> > But, it seems I answer my own question
>> Or perhaps 2.2_rev0 + 'a little bit'
>> Actually, I was always taught, that when one changes
>> a software product, one changes the revision number.
> For correcting a single typo, publishers don't call it a "second, revised
> edition". 

Actually Publishers (print) will call it a second printing.

Appologies for prolonging the thread.  Just want to make
sure that it is common knowledge that the "errors" were


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