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Re: Broken bootable SPARC CD#1, and why this happened

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org> writes:

> I could blame myself, but the fact is the image was not created right (it
> needs to be done as either root, or under fakeroot, which requires the
> *entire* process be done in a single session, not multiple fakeroot
> incantations, which might be the cause here), and I could not have been
> expected to download 650megs over my 33.6k modem within the few hours
> timeframe that these things were created and distributed under.

A couple if nits to pick:

Firstly, I did build them under fakeroot.  (admittedly there were some
images that I forgot to do that for for a while, but they were not
linked to the 2.2_rev0 tree IIRC, and if they were, they certainly
were not accompanied by a signed MD5SUMS file).  Are we talking about
the ones that match the signed MD5SUM?

Secondly, if you'd downloaded the TC3 images, you should have been
able to rsync the new image in about 2 hours (or possibly less) over a
33.6k modem.

If the official CDs really are broken, then I imagine the TC3 ones were
too.  Is that the case?  How come we didn't spot that?  If we did spot
that, and it passed me by, then I'm sorry, but knowledge like this
needs to be encapsulated in debian-cd, so my near infinite capacity to
screw things up gets little room for manoeuvre.

We need a root check for sparc builds in the debian-cd Makefile so
that it screams about not being able to make bootable CDs (because I'm
afraid expecting me to remember details like that is just going to
mean this keeps happening, because this stuff generally gets done too
late at night)

Other than that, I agree with you.

Cheers, Phil.

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