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Re: rsync - binary-i386-3.iso

On 16 Aug 2000, Philip Hands wrote:

> Actually, sunsite.org.uk never got binary-i386-3.iso, because they've
> run out of disk space.  (No, I'm not joking)
> BTW please make sure to check the md5sums of any images before making
> them public on mirrors --- I have a feeling open.hands.com is
> occasionally introducing errors as it reads its disks.
> If you have to re-rsync an almost right image, using a block size of
> 65536 seems to be reasonably quick.

Is there no way to give trumpetti.atm.tut.fi and perhaps a couple of
others exclusive access? Trumpetti has almost a complete set, and if a
couple of mirrors could get all of the images most of the other mirrors
can follow.

Trumpetti is also pretty fast. Which is good. :)

I have been through all mirrors listed on the rsync-mirrors page several
times, and I can't find the images anywhere accessable.

/Mattias Wadenstein - a bit frustrated at not being able to get the images

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