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Re: [sanvila@unex.es: Bug#68477: apt-cdrom confused by symlinks.]

On Wed, 9 Aug 2000, Raphael Hertzog wrote:

> Hello, 
> i'd like to have some input about this bug report. Should I do that or
> should I reassign the bug to apt because it chooses unstable before stable
> when all 3 links are available ?
> Keep in mind that I want to be able to generate CDs for stable, frozen and
> unstable.

Reassign the bug to apt, but just wishlist. IMHO apt-cdrom should use the
codename (== anything _else_ than "stable", "unstable" or "frozen") if
available. Besides, this is not a problem that any user is going to notice --
it's rather something "internal" to apt.

Also, there are several other programs besides apt that may use these
symlinks, like dpkg-multicd and the "unofficial" dpkg-multicd2 and users which
mount/copy the CDs and use the 'mounted' method for dselect or file:/ for apt. 
Nothing seems to be broken by the current situation, so don't try to fix it. 

(I don't know if it's being done already, but you can (I think) also safely
symlink unstable->slink and stable->woody on 2.1/pre-2.3 CDs; the users will
know what they get when they insert the CDs. And apt will handle this
perfectly well.)

  Anne Bezemer

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