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Re: point release versioning

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Philip Charles wrote:

> Let's make it explicit and call it 2.2r0.  The "r" should prevent
> confusion with kernels.  We know what we mean, but other people could be
> confused.

I agree with that. AFAIK the CD's volume ID (& .disk/info & README) is the
only place this occurs anyway, so this 1) won't break anything, 2) prevents
confusion, and 3) doesn't add confusion (which is quite another thing).

And IMHO 2.2r0 sounds much better than 2.2_r0 - so I'd suggest having a
DEBVERSION="2.2r0" for the official CDs that will be made in 1.5 weeks or so.

  Anne Bezemer

PS. Oh, the 2.2r0 should probably also go in the "top-level" Changelog, and
some symlink on the FTP sites. But I really don't bother about that, since
according to those we never released 2.1r4 and 2.1r5 anyway.

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