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Re: new dependency

J.A. Bezemer wrote:
> I'd say a Recommend:, as only powerpc needs it and most people will be doing
> only i386. IIRC policy says "if it doesn't work _at all_ then Depends:, if
> some (less-used?) _parts_ don't work then Recommends:", but check it anyway.
> Plus add a note to the description that you need hfsutils for powerpc images
> (a la "need bin86 only for i386 kernels" in kernel-source)

Note that it's possible to make a control file that sets up a dependancy
on one architecture only. See the task-x-window-system source. In the
control file, it has:

Depends: ${F:X-${Arch}-Depends} task-x-window-system-core, rstart, [etc]

Then it sets up a debian/substvars like this:

F:X-alpha-Depends=xf86setup, xserver-vga16,
F:X-i386-Depends=xf86setup, xserver-vga16,

see shy jo

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