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Updated forcd1


With my recently aquired write access to boot-floppies CVS (mainly for
release-notes, install manual) I took the liberty of updating forcd1.

Added kernel-source-2.2.17, so that people with 1 CD (from a Linux show or
similar) can at least compile their own kernel.

Saw that twm was the only window manager on CD 1, which isn't quite
sufficient for most people. So added enlightenment and wmaker, which seem
to be the most popular (and work great with Gnome). Added twm as well,  
because otherwise apt will think the window-manager is already there and 
leaves twm at the end, which is bad because some startx-like scripts and 
printed manuals/books assume it's present. Also added fvwm and fvwm95 for
those running a 386 w/8MB (on which E/wmaker take >5 mins to start up).

Hope I didn't mess up ;-)

  Anne Bezemer

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