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Re: How much free space is on the CDs? Life-Filesystem

>>>>> " " == J A Bezemer <costar@panic.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

    >>  PS: I hope nobody minds using vesa2 framebuffer (slow but
    >> compatible) and devfs support.

     > Do you _have_ to use framebuffer? I personally would like it
     > very much if things would also run on a 386 w/CGA, like
     > "standard Debian" does ;-)

X will be difficult, since you need a non framebuffer X server and
that needs configuration.

People not able to use vesa2 and not comfortable with vga16 must
configure their X and save that configuration somewhere, so you need
to have to create/copy a small loopback file to a filesystem or mount
a filesystem natively.

I don't know how good I get that to work and I don't realy like to
mess with peoples data on a Demo-FS.

     > Don't mind about devfs, as long as it "just works".

Far better than without. Its great to have only devices that actually
work in dev.

     > Regards, Anne Bezemer

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