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Re: How much free space is on the CDs? Life-Filesystem

>>>>> " " == J A Bezemer <costar@panic.et.tudelft.nl> writes:

     > On 18 Jun 2000, Goswin Brederlow wrote:

    >> I'm still working on a Life-Filesystem for Debian ranging from
    >> 20 to 200 Mb of size.

     > Excellent!

    >> I now wonder how much space there is left on the Debian CDs for
    >> such a thing at the moment.
    >> Does anyone have the current sizes at hand?

     > Let's see... the test-cycle-2 i386 Binary-3 CD w/non-US w/o
     > non-free is 508196864 bytes, which leaves roughly 150 MB for
     > "something else". If non-free is included, there is a fourth CD
     > with only ~100 MB on it.

So I should get my "multiple loopback filesystem" support fixed, so
that when you have two CDroms (or copy some loopback file somewhere
else) you can use multiple loopback filesystems.

That way I could make a root.img, games.img, x.img, web.img and
whatever is found is mounted and they could be split on the two CDs.


PS: I hope nobody minds using vesa2 framebuffer (slow but compatible)
and devfs support.

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