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Re: Test Cycle 2 Images available from

At 3:12 AM -0500 6/15/2000, Michael Schmitz wrote:
>> Just another point, did I see somewhere that certain mac kernels barf on
>> Joliet extensions? The m68k test cycle 2 CD are using them, so should they
>> be disabled before release?
>I haven't heard any such thing but I forward this to the Mac mailing list,
>maybe someone there has some details on it.

Haven't heard of anything like that. I had a few freezes on my C610 using
my 2.1 CDs and whatever the latest mac kernel was a few months ago, but I
get freezes with my CDRom in MacOS too, so I think it's just a really
stupid drive.

I'd reccomend cutting the CD just the same as any other platform. If the
mac kernel is broken, it'll eventually be fixed. I'd prefer if the
distribution didn't work on mac than for it to have have a bunch of cheezy
workarounds that just lul users into beliving that everything's being taken
care of behind their backs and there's no reason to contribute the either
Debian/m68k or the kernel project.

I'm seriously tempted to drop Linux/Mac68k for the lazy users, I wonder if
linux users are more grateful and contributing on Linux/SGI-Mips... ;P

Cheers - Tony :)

Tony Mantler       Renaissance Nerd Extraordinaire     nicoya@apia.dhs.org
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada                     http://nicoya.feline.pp.se/

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