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Re: Test Cycle 2 images available

On 12 Jun 2000, Philip Hands wrote:

> > well - since i'm hoping there's not too many more test cycles to go,
> > i've started mirroring the other architectures - so i'll wait for
> > phil to build sparc and powerpc nonUS images..
> I've not actually got room for any more images on that partition.
> Once I get rid of the 2.1 images, I'll have room for both full sets.
> I suppose I could do that now --- what do people think?

please don't - we still notice quite a number of people download
and use/rely on the 2.1 iso images being available.

> I could also drop the USexportable source CDs, which would give room
> for a non-US powerpc set.

i don't have a problem with this :-)

> Alternatively, if the dual CD#1 stuff pays off I'll have room for
> everything.

i think this really needs to be looked at if possible - since having
lots of sets of cdimages is quite expensive for me - both to download/update
and to keep on disk.. despite assurances i can tell you disk isn't cheap..
not once you decide it has to be mirrored or striped etc..


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