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New install report

Hi everybody,

I just installed Debian 2.2 on a Toshiba 430CDS with the CD downloaded
from ftp.fsn.hu (on May 28, so supposedly the official version) and it
worked fine.  The only two things I'd like to report are:

* I used the 2.2.15-idepci rescue disk.  When prompted to insert the
  root floppy, I got the message:

  floppy0: unexpected interrupt
  VFS: Insert root floppy disk to be loaded into RAM disk and press ENTER
  floppy0: unexpected interrupt
  floppy0: sensei repl[0]=c0 repl[1]=0
  floppy0: sensei repl[0]=c1 repl[1]=0
  floppy0: sensei repl[0]=c2 repl[1]=0
  floppy0: sensei repl[0]=c3 repl[1]=0

  However, the root floppy loaded fine and the install went on.

* After the reboot, dselect failed to launch automatically.  I got the

  dpkg: unexpected data after package and selection at line 1

  I launched dselect manually and proceeded from there.

Besides that, all was perfect (I succeeded to set Ethernet PCMCIA
during install, so I could benefit of the newer packages).  

So, I am really happy to be now under Debian!  This is my first real
install of Debian -- but I've been using Linux for a few years now.

Thanks to all of you for the great work!  Keep it that way!

With the hope this has been useful,

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