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Re: pseudo-image creation of m68k slink r2 (was RE: Hello, )

Le Thu, Apr 27, 2000 at 02:51:15PM +0200, Michael Schmitz écrivait:
> > Can someone please close this bug? Reasons below. I'm author/maintainer of
> > mentioned package, but no official Debian developer.

If you're responsible of that bug in a way or in another then you may close
the bug yourself ...

> If Josip or someone from the CD image team doesn't want to close it I'd do
> that in a few days. The reasons make sense to me ... Please yell at me if
> I am overstepping my competences here. 

If the bug can be closed, then close it ... or mark it as fixed and
explain why. If you're not sure better do nothing, but if it's a non-bug
then close it ...

> bugs there as they probably mostly originate in archive bugs. The
> maintainer address should be changed as you indicate (that probably
> requries uploading an updated package... catch-22).

The cdimage.debian.org package doesn't exist, if we want a BTS entry, then
we must add a line in the Maintainers files on master ...

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