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Re: build.sh omission

Le Sat, Apr 22, 2000 at 03:17:40AM +0000, Philip Charles écrivait:
> The line "make list TASK=tasks/Debian_potato [COMPLETE=0]"  needs to be
> included in build.sh and build_all.sh

Why ? There's already this in build.sh :
make list COMPLETE=1 SIZELIMIT1=555000000 SRCSIZELIMIT=665000000
And the same in build_all.sh... (though I may have forgotten to commit the
changes I did for *SIZELIMIT*)

If TASK is not supplied, the Makefile will compute the correct TASK
filename for the distribution beeing built :

> At the moment it is not included in either.  Note that this is not the
> same as in the README which points to "debian-2.2" which does not exist
> (yet?).  

I don't think we'll add such a task file. The README may need to be

> The effect of this omission is to ignore the tasks listed in
> Debian_potato.  The effect of this omission tended to be masked by
> popularity-contest being included.

No, that's not possible. Can you prove what you're telling ? Or were you
just trying to guess ?

> Where does debian-cd get the pseudo packages task-*.ctl from?  Which
> script does this?  I have not been able to track these down.

Hehe, it simply uses the task-* packages that are in the distribution.
And it uses "apt-cache depends" to get the dependency information :

$ apt-cache depends task-gnome-desktop
  Depends: task-x-window-system-core
  Depends: gnome-session
  Depends: gnome-panel
  Depends: gnome-control-center
  Depends: imlib-base
  Depends: gnome-terminal
  Depends: gmc
  Depends: esound
  Depends: gnome-users-guide-en
  Depends: gnome-faq

> It would be useful to be able to substitute the latest task-*.ctl list
> from cvs for future testing.

No, the task files in CVS are no more used. The packages are the

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