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Re: Please release 2.1r6

On Thu, Apr 20, 2000 at 09:26:33AM -0700, Jim Westveer wrote:
> With a big enough hammer, you can force anything.
> Yes, you can force the creation of CD's, but then you get
> a CD that has software that is NOT installable, in this case
> w3-el.  It would seem that the "correct" thing to do would
> be fix our broken ftp.d.o archive.

Yes, but that requires making a new slink release, which takes
a bit of work.  That work is currently in progress.

In any case, surely it is better to have a CD with a broken w3-el
package than no CD at all.

> Potato has been in relatively good shape as far as dependancys. 

For some values of "relatively".  The i386 tree, counting only main,
currently has 6 unsatisfied Depends relationships that I know of.
I can probably eliminate all but two of them before the release.
(The exeptions are libglide2-v3 depending on device3dfx-module,
which the user must build locally, and tkirc depending on ircii,
which is in non-US).

The other architectures will definitely release with a lot of
unsatisfied dependencies, due to the binary-all situation.

Richard Braakman

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