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ftp.debian.org 2.1r5/6 issues: w3-el, security and ChangeLog

Package: ftp.debian.org
Version: n/a
Severity: critical

It has been a _long_ time since 2.1r5 was ""released"" and multiple mails have
gone to many addresses. Still issues are not resolved. So I'll try it this

For the generation of the Official Debian CD images the following things are

 1) Install slink-proposed-updates/w3-el* in the main slink archive

 2) Install anything waiting on security.debian.org (latest is mtr_0.28-1,
    which has not yet been installed, since 9 March!)

 3) Make a note in slink/ChangeLog that version 2.1r6 (!!!!) has been
    released NOW.

And I _mean_ r6, because we can't possibly make r5 images any more due to
intermediate security updates etc.

If I don't see any action in a reasonable time (a few days!), I will continue
sending regular reminder messages.

Sorry, I don't like to do things this way either, but all other options have
been unsuccessful.

  Anne Bezemer
(unofficial representative of the debian-cd team)

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