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First Commercial Database soon to be open sourced!

 Dear Debian.org,

 Please excuse me if this is not an appropriate forum to send
 such an email but, after much searching I have found no better
 contact point for my inquiry.  We (InterBase) are interested in 
 adding value to and becoming part of the Master Debian CD Image 


 We are contacting you with regard to some new and exciting news 
 with regard to Inprise/Borland's relational database product, 
 InterBase.  We will be releasing our new version 6 of the InterBase
 in a few months.  In doing so, we are moving the product from a 
 commercial venture to the 'open source' business model.  We are 
 forming a separate incorporated entity to manage the open source 
 project as well as offer a suite of services to guarantee the 
 support and future of the product. 

 Our initial version 6 product launch will include support for 
 the Linux (RedHat and Suse), Solaris and Windows platforms.  
 As we move forward, we intend to expand our platform portfolio 
 with both Linux and other operating system and application vendors.

 We would like to open a conversation with you with regard to
 a mutually beneficial partnership.  Please take a look at the
 recent press release (attached below) detailing our upcoming 
 plans for InterBase.

 We look forward to talking with you.


 Markus Kemper


 Paul Beach
 VP International Sales and Business Development
 Phone:  44 1844 354357	Email:  pabeach@waitrose.com

 Markus Kemper
 Director US Sales and Business Development
 Phone:  831.431.8334  Email: mkemper@inprise.com
Title: Inprise/Borland Leads Linux Charge: Open-Sources InterBase
Inprise Press Release


Challenges other database vendors to follow its lead

SCOTTS VALLEY, Calif. - January 3, 2000 - Inprise Corporation (Nasdaq: INPR) today announced that it plans to jump to the forefront of the Linux database market by open-sourcing InterBase 6, the new version of its cross-platform SQL database. Inprise plans to release InterBase in open-source form for multiple platforms, including Linux, Windows NT, and Solaris.

"Inprise will be taking a leadership role in the Open-Source movement by releasing InterBase 6 under an open-source license. We are taking this bold step because we believe every Linux distribution needs InterBase," said Dale Fuller, interim CEO and president of Inprise Corporation. "By open-sourcing InterBase, we will be unleashing a world-class database for companies worldwide to develop and deploy business-critical, mobile computing, and Internet-based applications for multiple platforms, including Linux, Solaris, and Windows NT. This is an amazing opportunity for Inprise, its customers and the Open-Source community."

"Inprise open-sourcing InterBase is a step forward for software users," said Eric S. Raymond, president of the Open Source Initiative. "As open-source releases of operating systems and critical middleware become the norm, Inprise's release will undoubtedly raise the quality bar and customers will reap huge benefits in reliability, security, and total cost of ownership."

The source code for InterBase 6 is scheduled to be published during the first part of the year 2000. The company also announced it plans to continue to sell and support InterBase 5.6 through normal distribution channels. Inprise plans to announce further details of its roll-out plans for the InterBase open-source project on its Web site.

About InterBase 6
InterBase 6 is a powerful, high-performance cross-platform SQL database designed for business-critical, mobile computing and Internet-based applications on Linux, Windows NT, Solaris, and UNIX. Since 1985, InterBase has provided technologically superior relational database solutions to meet the business-critical database needs of companies like Motorola, Nokia, MCI, Northern Telecom, Bear Stearns, the Money Store, the US Army, NASA, and Boeing. Through its ease of use, maintainability, simplified deployment and small footprint, InterBase has become the preferred embedded database solution.

About Inprise/Borland
Inprise Corporation is a leading provider of Internet-enabling software and services that reduce the complexity of application development for corporations and individual programmers. Inprise delivers integrated, scalable and secure solutions distinguished for their ease of use, performance and productivity. Committed to open platforms, Inprise continues its tradition of service and support for millions of software developers around the world through its online developer community and E-commerce site-http://community.borland.com-providing a range of technical information, value-added services and third-party products. Founded in 1983, Inprise is headquartered in Scotts Valley, California, with operations worldwide.

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