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sh error?

Hi all,

I am trying to download the iso image of Debian 2.1r4.
I am using the make-pseudo-image script and it has been easy to understand
how to use that method (and why!)

I still have a problem.
The script starts running and downloads files, but for each file that is
downloaded the sh.exe causes about 6 segmentation faults and displays a 
windows dialog box (error in KERNEL32.DLL) .
If I close the dialogboxes the download continues, but I cannot do like
this for a whole CD. 
I am no sure if the files downloaded so far are valid, but the
pseudo-image file is growing.
I am using Windows 98 (ver 4.10.1998) at the schools network.
I have tried two different mashines and the Windows 98 installations were
maid just a week ago.

If anyone has a clue to my problem I'd like some help and maybe an update
to the FAQ would be appropriate if I've done some simple mistake.

Please send a copy of your answer to me at fresve-6@student.luth.se

Thank you 

Fredrik Svensson

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