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Re: cd request

On Fri, 10 Dec 1999, fsfreire wrote:

> Friends, 
> I am an university student of the course of Economy, 22 
> yaers old, married and I win not very. I have projects 
> to use Linux but, here in Brazil very expensive healthy 
> CD's and I don't have money, I just have a will and an 
> idea. That I come to ask them to send me Linux Debian 
> (it is English or Spanish). I don't intend to use it to 
> copy and to sell, my proposal is of working for 
> construction of softwares and, who knows, to improve 
> the version and to build one in Portuguese, because 
> here in Brazil he/she leaves very expensive CD's and 
> the postal shipping. 

Glad you're interested in contributing, but there's nothing wrong with
selling copies, either. :)

> I count with your collaboration and I hope to be 
> assisted because I don't have other exit except asking 
> them gratuitously this version of the system. 

Were you interested in slink (the year-old stable releae) or potato
(up-to-date unstable) cds? I'd be happy to order you a set of slink cds
from cheapbytes, or whereever, but potato would have to wait until I get a
mirror set up, and I'm not sure if that will happen before January.


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