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I am an university student of the course of Economy, 22 
yaers old, married and I win not very. I have projects 
to use Linux but, here in Brazil very expensive healthy 
CD's and I don't have money, I just have a will and an 
idea. That I come to ask them to send me Linux Debian 
(it is English or Spanish). I don't intend to use it to 
copy and to sell, my proposal is of working for 
construction of softwares and, who knows, to improve 
the version and to build one in Portuguese, because 
here in Brazil he/she leaves very expensive CD's and 
the postal shipping. 
I count with your collaboration and I hope to be 
assisted because I don't have other exit except asking 
them gratuitously this version of the system. 
Thank you, 
Fábio of Silva Freire 
Street Padre Mororó, 2310 Farias Brito 
ZIP CODE 60015-221 
Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil

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