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rsync connection refused world wide.


Using PSEUDO-IMAGE KIT VERSION 2.0 under WinNT I was able to get a pseudo
image.  I was happily following directions in the README.txt until I
encountered rsync.

I have gotten "connection refused" from the mirrors world-wide.  I have
tried multiple variations of the example rsync commands from the the
README.txt on every site listed at:
http://cdimage.debian.org/rsync-mirrors.html.  Is there an issue with NT?

Are there issues with the rsync sites?  I did some web browsing and
disconvered that the Missouri mirror (http://freesoftware.coe.missouri.edu/)
did not list rsync as being available yet.

I have already checked the FAQ:  http://cdimage.debian.org/faq.html.

Any information/help would be appreciated.

Please don't make me run RedHat,

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