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Re: apt-get configurator for boot-floppies?

> Hey, as you may know we're removing all non-apt acquisition methods
> from the boot-floppies, now that apt can handle them all better
> (except perhaps for wierd proxy ftp gateways).
> I'm wondering if there's going to be any sort of way that we could
> ease the configurability of apt for newbies.  The [A]ccess action from
> dselect triggers one current system, which is inadequate.
> Here would be my critical list of features:
>   * runs in console
>   * allows easy selection of CDROMs as well as http, ftp, etc, walking the
>     user thru multi-cd scans if necessary
>   * could be run from within dselect or not
> Here is my very very important list:
>   * i18n and l10n
>   * can autodetect debian official CDs and respond accordingly
>   * doesn't select non-free automatically (?!)
> Here is my "would be nice list":
>   * has a list of standard debian mirrors, allows user to select that for
>     http and ftp

For framebuffer X11 configuration i'ld like to add a little script, but i have
it not yet. It is very easy (as long as we have no XConfigurator), just ask
for the mice type and dev, HorizSync and VertRefresh. 



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