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Re: building multiple archs with yacs-0.4

Le Mon, Aug 23, 1999 at 08:53:45AM -0700, Jim Westveer écrivait:
> # Requires that a CONF.[arch].sh file exists for
> # each archecture...ie CONF.i386.sh, simply copy
> # the CONF.sh to CONF.i386.sh and modify it to taste.  

That may not be needed. Only the ARCH variable need to change. And for
sparc we need the BOOTDIR variable.

> # sparc, alpha, m68k arch's will build simple CD's

Why ? Is there an error when trying to make them bootable ?

And even if bootable doesn't work you can still add many things to 
the CD with :
$ make installtools
(which will call make doc and make disks)

> # powerpc fails.

How/when does it fail ? If the problem is in the make list step, can you
send me the log.list2cds or log.cds2src (gzipped because they are quite
big) ?

>         echo "Cleaning up stale files in tmp"

		make distclean


>         echo "Potato Status"
>         make potato_status

Please note that the status file given with YACS has been generated
with an i386 mirror and that not all archs have all packages so using
potato_status will generate warnings on non-i386. However it should still

« make status || make correctstatus » could be used to generate the status
file (but the generated status file is not perfect until someone can fix
all the section/priority of some packages)

>         make list COMPLETE=1 NONUS=1 SIZELIMIT1=576716800 2>error-$ARCH.log |
> tee $ARCH.log

This is likely to cause problems. NONUS=1 is not the contrary of NONUS=0.
:) The NONUS variable should be set (in the CONF.sh file) to the path of
the non-US mirror. If this variable is set, non-US will be included.

> done

And once finished :
$ make imagesums


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