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building multiple archs with yacs-0.4

I thought this script might be useful to those playing
with YACS-0.4. It simply loops building images for each
of n archectures.  As documented, only i386 will build
"official-images", ie images complete with README files
and install dirs.  Your mileage may varry.

# Build multiple CD-Images using YACS
# Requires that a CONF.[arch].sh file exists for
# each archecture...ie CONF.i386.sh, simply copy
# the CONF.sh to CONF.i386.sh and modify it to taste.  
# As of today, i386 will build official-image
# sparc, alpha, m68k arch's will build simple CD's
# powerpc fails.
# Mon Aug 23 08:19:44 PDT 1999  -- jwest
# edit this line to build the archs you desire
for ARCH in i386 sparc alpha m68k powerpc

        echo setup CONF.$ARCH.sh
        . ./CONF-$ARCH.sh

        echo "Cleaning up stale files in tmp"
                rm -r /home/ftp/pub/tmp/potato-$ARCH
                #mkdir /home/ftp/pub/tmp/potato-$ARCH
                rm -r /home/ftp/pub/tmp/potato-source

        echo "Potato Status"
        make potato_status

        echo "Running mirrorcheck"
        make mirrorcheck

        if [ $? -gt 0 ] ; then
                echo make mirrorcheck returned non 0:
                echo Exit.
                exit 1

        echo "building trees"
        make list COMPLETE=1 NONUS=1 SIZELIMIT1=576716800 2>error-$ARCH.log |
tee $ARCH.log

        echo "building images"
        if [ $ARCH == "i386" ] ; then
                make bin-official_images  # official adds readme and stuff
                make src-images           # and make source cds
                make bin-images

        echo -----------------------------------------


Jim Westveer <jwest@netnw.com>
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