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Re: Creating Official Debian CD-Image

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Hugh Cowan wrote:

> I have downloaded the Official CD-Image in 8MB chunks, but I am having 
> trouble getting it back together, and then burnt onto the CD-ROM.

Does DOS's "copy /b a+b+c dest" not work? (Note the /b !!)

> Can you piece it back together and burn it to CD using Windows 95, or do you 
> have to use Linux in order to do that?
> I tried combining the files together, and then using Adaptec Easy CD-Creator 
> to burn the image, but it says that the CD-Image File is corrupt.

Could well be. Several burning programs are using only their own disc-image
formats, and are ignoring normal iso9660 files. You've got to use a burning
program that accepts iso9660 files. You might try CDRWIN (for W9x), from
www.goldenhawk.com. Unregistered versions only burn right at 1x speed, and
it might be tricky to get it burning the image - I've done it but I don't
remember how.

> The other thing is, how can I create the MD5SUM in order to check that they 
> were downloaded properly?  Or again, is this something that has to be done 
> using Linux?

Some time ago I ported md5sum to DOS. See
(Might be worth putting on the Debian pages...)
Command line handling is not very featureful, but IIRC just
  md5sum *.iso
should work. I have no DOSEMU at the moment, so I can't try...

  Anne Bezemer

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