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Re: YACS 0.3 is available => debian-cd ?

Le Mon, Aug 02, 1999 at 08:07:59PM -0700, Jim Westveer écrivait:
> Because yacs [mirrorcheck] and 0.3.11 work, and 
> yacs [mirrorcheck] and does not...does not necessairly
> mean that apt is broke, It was just the first place I looked.

I think that the problem is in apt ... I've installed
just after Jason did the changes needed.

I've uploaded an apt package corressponding to my version (built
with dpkg-repack), it's for potato, please try to see if it does
correct your problems ...

BTW the command line was more complicated than apt-cache dumpavail it 's
something like that :
options=" -o Dir::State::status=$TDIR/$CODENAME-$ARCH/status \
          -o Dir::State=$TDIR/$CODENAME-$ARCH/apt-state/ \
          -o Dir::Cache=$TDIR/$CODENAME-$ARCH/apt-cache/ \
          -o Dir::Etc=$TDIR/$CODENAME-$ARCH/apt/ \
          -o APT::Architecture=$ARCH "
apt-cache $options dumpavail

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