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Re: YACS 0.3 is available => debian-cd ?

> >> rac2:/home/jwest/yacs# make mirrorcheck
> >> Apt-get is updating his files ...
> >> E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to
> >> correct
> >> the problem. 
> >> make: *** [apt-update] Error 100

I built it for slink and get the same thing, so I tried the new apt with
dselect and find I can't install packages anymore:

E: Size mismatch for package hello

I tried it this way and get the same error:

#apt-get update
#apt-get install hello

Previously I built 0.3.11 for slink and it works fine. That's good because
I know I can revert to that version to install packages. I can still
install packages from midnight commander, so I guess that 'dpkg -i' is
still a valid option.

In order to build, I had to install automake, autoconf, yodl and
maybe something else (don't remember).

Since you are getting the same error when you do a 'make mirrorcheck', I
wonder if you also cannot install a trivial package like 'hello'. Are you
using potato? If so, this would mean that we have the same problem and it
is not related to libc6 version differences.

The reason I am trying to do this on slink is because my mirror is on a
slink system. First I am trying to get yacs to produce a slink CD set,
then I will begin playing with potato. I have a few boxes that were
installed as slink and then 'upgraded' to potato. They boot and run. They
are a bit broken in places, but some of that may be due to 2.2.x kernels
and video cards that X is not quite ready for. I am anxious to try a
'virgin' potato install just to see what happens (or doesn't happen).

Another reason I feel this must work on slink is to avoid a 'chicken and
egg' (or 'snake eating it's tail') situation. I have adequate resources to
build a potato box just for generating potato CD image files, but I
strongly feel that the best solution is one that allows users with a
stable system to produce CD images for unstable, frozen and just-released
debian releases. So any software that debian-cd (I like the yacs name)
needs should be made available for the current stable release.

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