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Re: What has happened.

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

>As a perfect example, Steve just did a CD image creation run for 2.1_r2,
>which in theory couldn't possibly go wrong, since almost nothing changed
>in the archive between 2.1_r0 and now. 
>Well, in fact there were several problems.  It seems that the sparc
>archive had become contaminated with forward links into sid, and for some
>reason the first source CD image ended up being over 650MB, so wouldn't
>fit on a CD. 
>[ Steve, how many attempts did you end up making before the whole set of
>  CDs was properly made ?  ]

It took me 7 attempts in total:

1 run for i386/source
1 run for m68k
1 run for alpha
1 run for sparc [ failed because of sym-links into sid ]
1 run for sparc [ failed because of broken Packages file ]
1 run for sparc [ succeeded ]
1 run for i386/source [ to replace the source images with more
                        reasonably-sized ones]

Generally a run will take long enough that you can only realistically do
two runs in a day.

>This didn't happen because Steve screwed up (as far as I know ;-)
>It happened because minor changes in the archive can have serious an
>unexpected effects on the resulting CD images.

Exactly. The two sparc failures above are clear mistakes. The over-full
source ones failed because (as far as I can tell) the project/ directory
grew by a huge amount, necessitating a minor reshuffle.

>If that's true when practically nothing changes between 2.1_r0 and
>2.1_r2, how much more likely is it that our first run at producing a CD
>will be broken when the whole archive goes berserk around freeze time ? 

That's possibly the biggest problem we have - the major upheaval on the
archives for a release not only breaks the CDs, but in several cases it
also stops those of us trying to fix things for a couple of days while we
wait for mirrors to catch up...

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