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Re: What has happened.

On Thu, 8 Jul 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

>If we could write an automated test script, we could provide a way of
>running it when booting of the CD, and have the CD test itself.
>Then we could define an official CD as one that contains an unmodified
>copy of the cdtest system, and which when you type ``test'' (say) at
>the syslinux boot: prompt, ends up printing a message saying that all
>the tests were passed.
>Are all the things that we use to determine if a CD is an official CD
>automatically testable ?  Do we actually know what all these things
>are ?  We'd need to took at ways of testing the other CDs in a set.

Yes... Good luck in doing it :-)

>Hmm, it seems to me that it currently boils down to something like,
>``if all the files out of main (and contrib) are there, and it
>basically works, then that will do'' --- obviously we'll need to do a
>bit better than that if we want to automate it :-)
>I guess a list of all the things that have ever gone wrong with CD
>production would be a good start, then we could at least test that
>we're not repeating old mistakes.

Yup. I'll try and get a list together of the failures I've seen.

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