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Re: What has happened.

Christian Leutloff <leutloff@sundancer.oche.de> writes:

> We could provide same basic checks (used before/after CD creation) -
> analog to lintian, but specifically for CDs:
> - check for file corruption - it would be nice if these checks can be
>   made from every OS including Win* etc.
> - check for unmet dependencies, broken sym/hard links on the CD
> - check if Packages file corresponds to the files contained on the CDs

I've been thinking about this, mostly as a way of proving that a CD
should be allowed to carry the ``Official'' label.

If we could write an automated test script, we could provide a way of
running it when booting of the CD, and have the CD test itself.

Then we could define an official CD as one that contains an unmodified
copy of the cdtest system, and which when you type ``test'' (say) at
the syslinux boot: prompt, ends up printing a message saying that all
the tests were passed.

Are all the things that we use to determine if a CD is an official CD
automatically testable ?  Do we actually know what all these things
are ?  We'd need to took at ways of testing the other CDs in a set.

Hmm, it seems to me that it currently boils down to something like,
``if all the files out of main (and contrib) are there, and it
basically works, then that will do'' --- obviously we'll need to do a
bit better than that if we want to automate it :-)

I guess a list of all the things that have ever gone wrong with CD
production would be a good start, then we could at least test that
we're not repeating old mistakes.

Cheers, Phil.

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