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Re: What to do about the "Official" CD

Dale Scheetz writes:
>You could be right, and the correct way to deal with Vendor CDs is to
>provide a simple, fairly complete user platform on one CD, with the
>expressed understanding that those who want more development tools, or
>other programs not included can find them on the FTP site. I personally
>would have no problem with this, as that is just what I am doing now ;-)
>On the other hand, it would be superior of Debian to provide the complete
>distribution in a working set of CDs, and I would be willing to put effort
>into that improvement, although I submit that until we gain some real
>control over the "bloating" of the distribution, that any CD
>implementation will suffer from these same problems. If we ever get
>control of that part of the distribution, the contents of the various CDs
>should be much more obvious.

If you have suggestions on how to break things up on different CDs, please
feel free to suggest them on debian-cd. There _have_ been problems in the
past with the way the CDs have been done, yes. But there is a lot of
discussion and hard work going into improving the process at the moment. 
In particular, the first CD of the official set works quite well as a
standalone, in much the same way as your ED by the sounds of things. If
there are improvements you've made then I'm sure we'd all like to see them
made for everybody...

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