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Web Page

[cross posted because it's directed at specific "contacts" and some of
those contacts are lists]

Some time tomarrow, a web page will appear at

I need help fleshing it out.  Listed on that page should be release
manager, FTP masters, boot disk people, cd image people, Q&A and testing

I need names of people on the teams: boot disk, cdimage and -testing.

Also, if anybody would like to provide more information and/or intro and/or
manifestos and/or anything else that might be of interest for this
particluar section, please do.  What you see is what I have from my limited
knowledge.  As you see, I have no idea who's on the several of the groups
or, in some cases, what they do.

What's the difference between Q&A and -testing?

Please cc all mailing list replies to me, also.
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