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Re: potato-cd scripts: Necessary changes in CVS?

On Wed, 26 May 1999, Jens Ritter wrote:

>Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>> I'd suggest that you check potato stuff in on the trunk and instead make a
>> branch for slink updates. Use something like
>> cvs tag -b slink_cd
>> to make a branch tag at the current point before you check in...
>Hmmm, where do I check in then? In the slink_cd trunk or in the main

On the trunk is my suggestion.

>Wouldn't it be better to create a potato_cd branch, because we
>will at some point merge my changes back in the main trunk. See bottom.

I'd just make yours on the trunk. But make a slink_cd branch first so that
any maintenance changes for slink can go in there.

>> >Secondly I wonder if I should create potato1.[info|list|needed|volid]
>> >and such, or if the slink[12345].* files should be renamed
>> >(e.g. debian-cd[12345].*)?
>> I'd suggest cd[12345].* personally, just as an easier option.
>As Brandon noted: There might be differences in these files from
>branch to branch. I suggest the following:
>Let's create ./slink/ ./potato/ ./$codename/ directories in debian-cd
>where the "master" copies of files cd[12345xyz].* reside. Instead of
>copying the slink[12345].* files to the temporary directory, copy
>the branch specific files. This will make it possible to support
>different sets of cds with different layout.

Cool, good idea.

>At the moment I only did a s/slink/potato/g and s/stable/unstable/g on
>the scripts. I will rewrite it, so that the branch of the cd mirror
>can be edited into the scripts using variables (later on this should be
>made a command line option).


>Let's first begin doing that in a potato_cd branch, and when the
>script works ok for slink cds, too, merge that back into slink_cd.

I wouldn't worry too much about slink_cd now. Concentrate on potato for
the trunk.

>But first I suggest we rename slink_cd to debian_cd. This can be done
>without problems in the current release.


I have some changes to slink_cd that I'm halfway through making which may
help. But at the current rate of progress it'll be a couple of weeks
before I can get them done.

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