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Re: Installing on old computers (WAS: Re: Time to rewrite dpkg)

E O Fredrik Liljegren <eof@hem.utfors.se> writes:
> 2. The larger problem is when you come to grabbing packages that are
> in "binary-all". They are mapped from the subdirectory of
> "binary-i386" with a symlink to the same directory in "binary-all".
> When windows reads this, it returns an empty file instead of the
> corresponding file in "binary-all". That only causes apt to
> rightfully claim it's a corrupt package.

> I think it's a nice and clean solution, these symbolic links. They
> do, unfortunately, produce some problems on some systems.  This
> unfortunately includes my own.

I'm pretty sure these problems are in fact introduced by either the
Windows ISO9660 support or the Windows FTP server you are using, but
I'm not sure.

> I think that CD-sets for a special platform, such as i386, maybe
> could be made with the binary-all-files placed directly in the
> binary-i386 (or similar for other platforms) to avoid the second
> problem.

I'm not sure this is really viable...

> The base-installing-problem.. Shouln't it be feasible to get an
> ftp-option for installing base, just as you get nfs, floppy etc? Red
> hat has it, and we could certainly do better than that! :-)

Yes, it should be doable...

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