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Re: Slink update / potato

I think that potato is about right.

I would like to think that 2.1r3 is about 4 weeks away.


On Wed, 19 May 1999, Steve McIntyre wrote:

> I've just been contacted by Joel Goldberger at InfoMagic. They're looking
> to update their Debian CDs to match the latest official ones, but are
> worried about producing lots of discs that may be obsoleted by a new
> release. 
> I've said the following:
> >The last set produced for slink (2.1r0) was in early March. The very
> >soonest you can expect a new set will be (at a guess) 5 or 6 weeks from
> >now, assuming that the talked-about 2.1r3 with support for the 2.2 Linux
> >kernel actually materialises. I'll ask on the list and see what people
> >think about this.
> >
> >After that, I would say the next set of images will be for potato (2.2),
> >in September at the earliest.
> This is all IMHO so far. Any comments...?
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