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Slink update / potato

I've just been contacted by Joel Goldberger at InfoMagic. They're looking
to update their Debian CDs to match the latest official ones, but are
worried about producing lots of discs that may be obsoleted by a new

I've said the following:

>The last set produced for slink (2.1r0) was in early March. The very
>soonest you can expect a new set will be (at a guess) 5 or 6 weeks from
>now, assuming that the talked-about 2.1r3 with support for the 2.2 Linux
>kernel actually materialises. I'll ask on the list and see what people
>think about this.
>After that, I would say the next set of images will be for potato (2.2),
>in September at the earliest.

This is all IMHO so far. Any comments...?

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