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Re: Updated Release-Notes

On Sat, 10 Apr 1999, Bob Hilliard wrote:

>      I have updated Release-Notes to describe multi-cd installation
> and to mention install.txt.  I would like someone from the cd group
> and from the apt group to comment on the accuracy of my changes.
>      The updated Release-Notes is available at
> ~hilliard/upgrade-older-i386 on master and at
> www.debian.org/~hilliard/Release-Notes.

Please change the -u to a -m on the last quoted paragraph of mine:

       Next insert the first disc, run 'apt-cdrom add', then insert the
       second disc and run 'apt-cdrom add' then run 'apt-get dist-upgrade
       -u' twice (or is it 3 times?)

Also, you might want to add a note that people who need to use ftp proxy
servers or ftp in port mode can upgrade to apt v3 as described in cd


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