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Re: Mkisofs, CD record

On Wed, 7 Apr 1999, Vankeerberghen Pieter wrote:
> I've a the kernel 2.0.36 on a P133, 16 MB RAM, programmed IO SCSI card and a
> plextor RW4, 2, 20. Try to burn on the fly from an IDE disk to the plextor
> with piping the result of mkisofs to cdrecord 1.6.1.  At 4 speed in dummy
> mode, I get either underruns or SCSI command failures (cannot fix in dummy
> mode).  Without dummy  mode, coasters of course.  
> Anyone an idea ? replace the SCSI with bus master

I'd suspect either (a) slow PIO performance or (b) not enough RAM.  I've
never suffered underruns with 32 MB and a busmastering SCSI ISA controller
on a 486/DX4 (but I haven't done piping, since I have the space for
images). Anyway, 4x is only about 1.2MB/s, which any DMA-capable
controller on any bus should be able to handle.

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