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debian 2.1r3 needed and release team coordination

IMHO, we should be thinking about Debian 2.1r3.  This is what I think
needs to be in Debian 2.1r3 and why we need it:

  * replace kernel-source 2.2.1 pkg with 2.2.5 or better
    Rationale: 2.2.1 is very evil

  * any architectures based on 2.2.x (sparc/Sun4u is the only one I
    know of) should be be 2.2.5 based or better
    Rationale: see above

  * utterly broken packages and things should be fixed -- jadetex is
    broken (jadetex for which I shall NMU for stable soon); there are
    a number of things for Debian/sparc that I know of that are broken
    (setserial which hardcodes IRQs, permissions on /dev/fd* are
    wrong, /dev/mouse doesn't exist)
    Rationale: we're probably talking about < 10 packages where we
    need to identify the problems and fix them; no new upstream
    sources required here AFAIK)

  * kernel-image 2.0.36 on i386 has very broken Adaptec (namely,
    AIC7xxx) support
    Rationale: boot-floppies is getting flooded with bug reports about

  * we're ready with boot-floppies for Croatian and French versions; I
    bet slink-cd isn't yet ready, but even so it would be nice to
    release these
    Rationale: try to start momentum for multi-lingual Debian, which
    is a major goal of potato, IMHO

What I'd like to do is first of all, get consensus on whether we need
a point release of slink, and what needs to be in it.  My stuff above
is a starting point.

Then we'll need to file the bugs, get them fixed (thru hook, crook, or
NMU), and then coordinate the archive mgmt, the boot-floppies, and the
cd team.  I suggest we use the debian-testing list as a shared forum
for now.


.....Adam Di Carlo....adam@onShore.com.....<URL:http://www.onShore.com/>

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