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Re: slink_cd - progress

On 27 Feb 1999, Steve Dunham wrote:

>Steve McIntyre <stevem@chiark.greenend.org.uk> writes:
>> or lack of it, even. My mirror is currently broken because of the removal
>> of the hamm sym-links, so I'm struggling to make any progress at all -
>> it's a bit difficult to test things when the files underneath me are still
>> moving... 
>> <sigh> Hopefully <fingers crossed> the i386 and sparc things will all
>> work, but I'm going to be pushed to get my stuff working for the m68k and
>> alpha ports by Tuesday, let alone get images built in time for people to
>> mirror them.
>I'm currently doing a mirror of all of the sparc stuff off of master
>on the assumtion that I have to do the sparc CD images - is this true?

You don't _have _ to, but it would be great if you can, yes.

>If so, I need to know which images are needed (e.g. just the two
>binary disks or a complete set?), where I should put them, and when
>are they needed?

Just the two binary ones, I think - the common source ones we can cope
with, and the layout of them is not quite so crucial...

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