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Re: slink_cd: still waiting on final boot/install setup

 > > > On the alpha front, I've seen/heard _nothing_ about boot/install stuff. Is
 > > > anything happening out there? If we're going to get a chance to get this
 > > > stuff done we need it _now_.


Here is a diff to add the Alpha boot stuff to slink_cd.

It creates all the boot files under the boot directory (one subdirectory 
for each subarch with milo, linload, and kernel, with aboot(bootlx) 
just under /boot). You can only boot
from ARC/AlphaBIOS, or from SRM for SRM-only machines, but bisexual
machines cannot be booted yet from SRM.
This could be partially solved by adding later a generic 2.2 kernel
bootable from srm (or if I succeed to boot MILO from aboot, which I
would not be able to try before monday), or generating about 15
more kernels.

To create the CD on a i386 machine, you need the isomarkboot program,
I have compiled an i386 version I put on

I will ask for the 990205 to be put in the archive in case I cannot
generate a new one with the latest boot-floppies change (I won't be
able to try this before sunday evening).



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