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Re: slink_cd 1.08

On Fri, 26 Feb 1999, Philip Hands wrote:

>BTW Would it not have been possible to use hard links for the many
>instances where the files in hamm and slink are the same ?  It seems
>teribly wasteful to have two copies of all those files, not to mention
>the fact that rsync should be able to pick up on the fact that the files
>are hard-linked and just add the link, rather than transfer the file

rsync may be able to cope there, but mirror and most of the other
mirroring programs can't - that's why sym-links are used...


>P.S. anny idea why these ``No such file or directory'' messages are 
>open:~/slink_cd-1.08$ ./arch
>   binary
>   source
>cat: slink1/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc: No such file or 
>cat: slink2/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc: No such file or 
>cat: slink3/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc: No such file or 
>cat: slink4/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc: No such file or 
>and is it important ?
>I presume it is something to do with the fact that hello_1.3-14.3.dsc is a
>debian/doc/package-developer/hello_1.3-14.3.dsc -> 

That's basically it, yes. We flatten sym-links to hamm, but not potato.
It's maybe time to move doc under the dists directory, as otherwise things
like this get out of sync.

It's non-crucial, anyway...

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